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From Sam Maule and 11:FS, Connection Interrupted is a weekly show exploring lives that were disrupted - or had their connections interrupted - pivoted, or rerouted through fault or design, the obstacles they had to overcome to get to where they are now - and the role that technology played in helping them reach it.

Each week we’ll be speaking to people from all walks of life that have had their lives unexpectedly influenced, changed or completely re-written by technology.

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  • Episode 15: Season 2. Episode 2. Ted Coine: The Halo Effect

    April 24th, 2018  |  39 mins 21 secs
    business, connection interrupted, education, teaching, ted coine

    On the second episode of the second season of Connection Interrupted, Sam Maule met Ted Coine, educator, innovator, former-CEO, author, but most of all a teacher. Get to know the man blessed with the halo effect.

  • Season 2. Episode 1. Gary Vaynerchuk: The man behind the brand

    April 6th, 2018  |  21 mins 14 secs
    garyv, garyvaynerchuk, garyvee, interview, jets, vaynerheads

    Kicking off the long awaited Season 2 of Connection Interrupted, Sam Maule met Gary Vaynerchuk at the Vaynermedia offices in NYC. Get to know the man behind the brand in a revealing interview with the king of content.

  • Episode 12. Scott Monty - Lessons in Leadership

    January 30th, 2018  |  54 mins 46 secs

    In this episode Sam Maule meets Scott Monty, former Global Communications Manager for Ford Motor Company, master storyteller and advocate of authenticity.

  • Episode 11. Rob Frohwein - The Passionately Curious Founder

    January 23rd, 2018  |  47 mins 24 secs

    In this episode Sam Maule chats to Rob Frohwein, CEO, co-founder and self proclaimed "Kabbage-head" at Kabbage Inc.

  • Episode 10. Aaron Foley: Motown Storyteller

    January 13th, 2018  |  51 mins 48 secs

    In this episode Sam speaks to Aaron Foley, Chief Storyteller for Detroit, the first role of its kind for a major city. This is his and Detroit's story.

  • Episode 9: Javad Khazaeli, The Immigrant's Story

    January 9th, 2018  |  1 hr 13 mins

    Sam meets Javad Khazaeli, a former federal counterterrorism prosecutor who worked at the Department of Homeland Security to identify and neutralize threats to America, during George W. Bush's presidency, but yet in 2016 his family in Iran fell foul of Trump's travel ban, with devastating consequences.

  • Episode 8: Devika Thapar - The Intersection of Science & Serendipity

    January 2nd, 2018  |  51 mins 26 secs

    Sam Maule chats to IBM's Devika Thapar and finds out that she's so much more than her job title suggests...

  • Episode 7: Mary-Catherine Chambliss and Ross Daniel: STEAM engines

    December 26th, 2017  |  1 hr 1 min

    Sam Maule chats to his niece Mary-Catherine Chambliss and her boyfriend Ross Daniel about their move from small town Georgia to the Big Apple to make their mark...

  • Episode 6: Kate O'Neill: Tech Humanist

    December 19th, 2017  |  59 mins 15 secs

    Sam meets tech humanist, Kate O'Neill, founder of KO Insights, speaker, author and design and marketing consultant.

  • Episode 5: Dr Sue Black: The Ripple Effect

    December 12th, 2017  |  1 hr 5 mins

    Sam Maule meets "force of nature" and pioneering woman in tech, Dr Sue Black.

  • Episode 4: Episode 4: Divine - from crack to rap, to tech

    November 28th, 2017  |  1 hr 17 mins

    Sam Maule meets Divine, formerly a rapper, now a CEO, entrepreneur and VC

  • Episode 3: Don't be a dick - Bro-culture and Tech.

    November 21st, 2017  |  52 mins 14 secs

    In this episode Sam interviews Jane Barratt, Laura Spiekerman and Gesche Haas, three friends and company CEO/founders on the topic of sexual harassment and the “bro-culture” in tech.

  • Episode 2: Episode 2. John & Mackenzie Baldwin: Almost Gone

    November 17th, 2017  |  55 mins 53 secs

    Sam speaks to John and Mackenzie Baldwin ahead of the launch of their book Almost Gone, outlining the potential dangers technology and social media have for teens in today’s digital world.

  • Episode 1: John Hope Bryant

    November 10th, 2017  |  54 mins 3 secs
    abraham lincoln, connection interrupted, fintech insider, john hope bryant, obama, sam maule

    Entrepreneur and businessman and founder of Operation Hope, the US' first nonprofit financial services network, John Hope Bryant joins Sam Maule for the very first episode of Connection Interrupted.