Episode 6: Kate O'Neill: Tech Humanist

Episode 7 · December 19th, 2017 · 59 mins 15 secs

About this Episode

I’d only briefly met Kate O’Neill in person once before doing this interview. We’ve “known” each other for a while now on social media channels but had never really spent a lot of time taking in real life prior to sitting down for this interview. My loss…

It's easy to see why Kate, the founder of KO Insights, is such a popular speaker, author, mentor, and consultant when it comes to human centric marketing and design. It's because she’s so, well, human. She’s real. No pretences, no BS, simply real. And in this day and age that is a rare commodity.

Please do me one favor before you listen to this interview. Take a good look at this pic of Kate (her guest profile pic).

Trust me, it will make all the sense in the world after you listen to the entire interview. It just might bring a tear to your eye as it did mine.