Episode 7: Mary-Catherine Chambliss and Ross Daniel: STEAM engines

Episode 8 · December 26th, 2017 · 1 hr 1 min

About this Episode

I’ve know that Mary-Catherine Chambliss has “IT” since she was a child. “IT” being that special spark, that inner drive, that talent at the next level, that personality the size of Texas. Full disclosure - I’m Mac’s uncle. Yes, that does mean she calls me Uncle Sam.

Both Mac and her boyfriend Ross Daniel are two of the most talented artists I personally know. Mac is the entire package: she can sing, dance, act, teach, choreograph, and make you laugh with a simple glance. Ross is one of the most talented young dancers and instructors I’ve run across. Both grew up in small towns in Georgia and have now moved to the Big Apple to make their mark on the world. And man, are they ever doing that…

This is their story.

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